What is Technology Business Management, and what does it entail?

What exactly is TBM?

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a collaborative framework that assists firms in aligning their IT departments with overall business goals, which is an important practice in today’s digital industry.

It isn’t prescriptive in the traditional sense; rather, because it is solution-oriented, organisations may utilise it with the same degree of freedom as many other frameworks (think ITIL). The goal is for TBM to grow with your company, and as you do, so will your use of the system.

Council on Technology and Business Management

The TBM Council is a non-profit organisation made up of technology executives laying the framework for creating an IT-based business unit. C-level technology executives with titles like CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs make up about 6,000 members of the council.

The council, which began as a bi-annual conference, subsequently evolved into a non-profit that provides businesses with standardisation in a collaborative context. Executives who join have access to a network of TBM leaders and standardised best practices that can be scaled to fit your company’s needs.

The TBM Council is in charge of the TBM Index, a standardised evaluation that serves as a benchmark for companies who use TBM. “The survey evaluates a comprehensive set of competencies that must be in place to manage. IT’s business.” Your IT operating model, service orientation, organisation, tools, and management skills are examples of this. “The survey also assesses the financial impact and satisfaction from TBM,” according to the TBM Council, as reported by CIO.

Two hundred fifty businesses from North America, the EU, and Australia completed a 30-minute evaluation before the data was evaluated for the assessment.

TBM’s Advantages

As the fundamental tenets demonstrate, TBM is hyperfocused on expenditure, budget, and cost-efficiency driving innovation at the IT business-unit level. TBM urges business executives to integrate their IT teams with main organisational goals, and the framework highlights the relevance of IT throughout the organisation as a result of this.

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